Today’s Footer: Title X Cases To Be Reheard, By Full Ninth Circuit…
July 7, 2019

It is. . . appropriate — given the above below, now archived masthead — that as of the night before Independence Day, 2019. . . the full Ninth Circuit agreed to rehear the appeal in the West Coast Title X cases.

Backgrounder here. And do consider that a majority of the appellate judges in the Ninth believe Title X meant what it said: full equality and full agency, over health care decisions. Trump will lose again — excellent — as the law here is clear.

. . . .Upon the vote of a majority of non-recused active judges, it is ordered that these cases be reheard en banc pursuant to Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 35(a) and Circuit Rule 35-3. . . .

Now you know. Onward, with a triathalon champ in tow, this afternoon — off to late lunch; then a road trip, southbound.