Updated Status Report In Ms. L.: Trump Parties NOW Claim There Are “Only” 32,000 Additional Kids — Not 47,000(?)
June 6, 2019

For my part, I will await more, from the able judge in San Diego. But here is the latest status report.

Color me. . . decidedly skeptical, since this was provided to the ACLU after 6 pm tonight — see the last two pages (24 and 25) of the status report, here.

There will be a hearing on all of it tomorrow, at 1 PM local time, in San Diego, California. . . and we will learn more. It would be good news if only some 32,000 kids remain to be sorted, but given the monumental lack of governmental record keeping for almost two years, on this score — I would not rejoice, just yet.

There are still thousands and thousands of vulnerable children. . . who have been (and remain) forcibly separated from their parents. And as I said earlier tonight, I expect we will see that the US will need to fly maybe 407 — not 21 — parents back to the US to come get their children — due to Trumpian law-breaking in deporting them without their children — in the first place.