[U] Martin Shkreli: Convicted Felon. My Bet Is The Sentence Is Ten Years.
August 4, 2017

More soon. A quiz from this morning — by Billy The Kid — to pass the time in the media room. . . . UPDATE: Emily Saul just reported by tweet, that the jury got started almost a half hour earlier than normal, even with rain delaying other commuters. I think that means they want to wrap up by end of day, for certain. They stayed late both two days ago, and yesterday — by about 20 minutes each.

Now they are in early on a Friday morning. Seems like today will be the day. [End update.]

POST VERDICT: He was never going to beat Count 8 — I said it a million times. They had him dead to rights.

I won’t unduly belabor it — there is plenty here to give him more than ten — but Judge Matsumoto will say truthfully he has no prior violent offenses.

He was astonishingly flagrant — in his violation of the law, under Count 8 — so I predict he gets ten for that one alone.

They say you can tell when justice has been done: “justice… they say, is when everyone feels just a little uncomfortable.” I think that is apt at the moment, all the way around.

By the way — Mr. Shkreli just had his ass handed to him, by the GIRLS’ [Grrrrl POWER!] Junior Varsity. Hilarious — in. his. own. words.

There is much more at the other property — especially in the now thousands of comments in the comment boxes, there. Off the grid again now. Smile. . . . Keep it spinning in good karma, one and all. . . . Oh, and. . . Here is my completed Quiz, as a full color hand written PDF, from this morning! Hah!