If Don Draper Had Been Hired To Do The NASA/JPL Cassini Account Pitch…
September 1, 2017

This made me smile. Though in truth, I see her as infinitely more graceful than the last few paragraphs of his would-be ad copy. She is a gossamer thing — twisting and soaring high above the wet black background pavement of space, now powered with Milton’s stars. . . . at least in my eyes, she is. Smile.

. . .Cassini can dive between Saturn and its rings at a blazing-fast 75,000 mph, and yet her delicate thrusters can change her velocity by mere millimeters per second. . . . It was written as loving tribute by JPL and NASA staffers, and loaded to the Cassini Grand Finale twitter feed, overnight.

Spot-on. Have a good one, one and all. I’m out.