Switching Away From The Deadly Serious (Ebola) — To Pure Farce — Our 45th President’s Tweet-Storms; And Presidency, More Broadly
May 18, 2017

I have decided this morning — as I depart — to close with a farce — of epic proportions. [It is now a farce, primarily because 45 has been caught — hand still in the cookie jar. See below.]

To be certain, there is more than a bit of a serious undertone here: as the revised masthead below above implies — I (albeit privately) found yesterday morning’s Russian/Putin “agitprop” salvo to be. . . just another in a long line of indignities to which Mr. Trump has willingly and fecklessly subjected the once-proud American people, before the world. Y A W N.

On the other hand, I suspect it was the last straw, for most of the elite GOP. In yesterday morning’s story, Mr. Putin offered to produce Russian-sourced but unspecified “transcripts” — ostensibly to exonerate Mr. Trump, in the Russian investigation.

With that, Mr. Putin achieved a master-stroke of Russian propaganda: offering the US Congress HIS Russian government resources, to help Mr. Trump hold on to his office — for at least a little while longer.

Genius, in the sheer audacity of it! In the cold light of the next morning, then, and setting aside Mr. Putin’s nonsense — let us consider what this says about the state of our (now, as of last night, clearly less-imperiled) Republic: the US Congress may at present be (at least marginally effectively). . . trolled, by the Russian President.

Why? Because our 45th President has gone out of his way to sidle up, and play “kissy-face” with him. [And that is the most charitable spin anyone can put upon Mr. Trump’s actions, taken as a whole.]

Our vulnerability to being trolled, or “agit-propped“, is a direct result of the amateurish positions our rank amateur President has taken, and continues to take. [Again, that is with a rosily charitable lens, as to his “on the record” remarks.]

And yesterday, by lunch, many elite Republicans (privately) I suspect — declared what the rest of us long knew. This man — 45 — is unfit.

And so, by dinner time, we had word of a special independent counsel, with criminal charging authority — who served under Bush 43rd, and our 44th President admirably — as FBI Director for 13 years (yep — Mr. Comey’s immediate predecessor). Irony — it’s for me!

We will let the investigation go where it might — but this is a post-Archibald Cox moment, Mr. Trump.

In truth, the warlock has already been “outed“. He’s. . . orange. And yes, I do think this morning marks the beginning of the end, of the Trump Presidency.

It may take eight more months, now. But likely not too much longer than that. Word.