Less Somber Fare — A Look, Updating BeiGene’s Fortunes… Via Martin Shkreli.
October 8, 2020

Long term readers will recall that Martin used to post on social media (and after incarceration, those posts came through surrogates of his)… about his pharma stocks “portfolio“.

And so, it is perhaps a little unfair to bring this one back up — since he might have long ago closed out his short (and taken his losses), but he was a very vocal short on the name at right. At the time, I was a long. So, we disagreed. [It never went “in the money“, on Martin’s short call — not even for a single day.]

I’ve since exited most of my long position at a nice gain (at a little over $200/share, on average) — but Martin had called it a short at about $135 per share. I knew its excellent management, and their power (close ties to) the elite party members in China, plus the Merck licensing ties (to great drug candidates here in the US), meant good things in the oncology space. And that is exactly what transpired.

As I type this, BeiGene has closed above $300/share — for the first time, in its history.

And that makes me smile — and smile widely (as I did hold on to — and still own — a small chunk, having gotten in at around $102/share, years before Martin said it would die off).

Congrats go out to the excellent team, at BeiGene. Search the archives here, or at the more general life sciences blog — for the full history on this life-enhancing company.

Onward — be excellent to each other, one and all — on the first night, of the 149th anniversary of the the Chicago fire.