This Is An Ongoing Crime Against Humanity, By Agents Of Trump…
February 3, 2019

Late on Friday, the Trump lawyers filed a declaration of one of the officials in charge of locating the kids who were forcibly separated from their parents and guardians — over the last year and a half, at the southern border.

In it, the official essentially admits that many kids (perhaps more than 1,000) may never be “found” — and reunited — because there was no tracking of them — or their parents and guardians, as they are now in what must be best viewed as foster situations. He goes on to argue that it won’t be worth the expense even to try. That is disgusting. That is a crime against humanity.

You can read all about it here, a nine-pager.

But even typing this makes me gag, to think that kids who were kidnapped by Trump agents are now being told it’s not “worth the money” required to sort it out, and at least try to reunite them, even after multiple federal courts have ordered it. What is wrong with these people?