ANOTHER 1,290 Kids Were Identified, By Team Trump, Last Week — As “Taken / MIA”, From Their Parents At The Border…
October 20, 2019

Here is the latest status report, from the 16th, in the Ms. L. litigation / class settlement, in the Southern District of California. This atrocity, when history is written will rival the slaughter of the Kurds, as among Trump’s most heinously deplorable — and entirely avoidable — human rights tragedies.

Here’s a bit:

. . . .As of the date of this report, the government has provided nine lists identifying 1,290 children of potential expanded class members. [Ed. Note: this is in addition to the already-being-reunited 2,814 children.] Plaintiffs have focused on reaching children whose membership in the class is not contested, and for whom the government has provided at least one phone number for a sponsor or for the child’s parent. There are 868 children that meet that description. . . .

That’s just over. . . 4,100 children so far. Despicable.