Unlike The Copperish-Colored Surface Sample, The Sub-Surface JAXA Sample Is Charcoal-Colored: Asteroid / Space Science Update
December 26, 2020

As we ease out of the holiday silence, into the Arizona afternoon sunshine, by bike — we will start with yet another success logged by the Japanese space agency — now having analyzed all the asteroid gas it collected, and filling both other chambers, with surface, and sub-surface materials from the dawn of our time in what became the local solar system.

We will note that the surface sample, (shown below left) was burned to a reddish-copper hue, by solar/space radiation, while the subsurface sample retains much the coloring and appearance of the newly formed solar system here, some four billion years from the past. Not unlike the Q’in Dynasty figure at bottom is. . . now, the deep past. Here’s a bit, from the latest story on it:

. . .Shortly after Japan’s Hayabusa2 probe returned to Earth, JAXA showed off some of the samples it collected from asteroid Ryugu. Those copper-hued rocks came from the “A” chamber of the probe’s sample capsule, which means they were collected during the mission’s first touchdown in February 2019.

Now, JAXA has released photos showing the contents of the capsule’s “C” chamber, which it opened on December 21st. Scientists are hoping that the subsurface samples can offer more clues about the solar system’s formation and early period, since they hadn’t been exposed to the hash environment of space. JAXA says the largest particles in chamber “C” were about a centimeter in size. . . .

Now you know. . . keeping a good thought here, that there were no losses of life in Nashville — and that telecoms will soon be back online, and restored. Do keep the safety, and survival, of our experiment in self-governing in your meditations, as I fear given the level of preparation, and attention to avoiding loss of life — that may have been a dry-run — for a similar attack on the Georgia Senate election day facilities, come January 6, 2021. . . I hope not, but it (pre-announcing a bombing; clearing space) is very much in the style of the old IRA terrorists, during The Troubles, across the pond. We will keep a good thought. . . and await. . . more reliable information (though it seems there is a likely-identity for the RV owner/driver — but why such a spectacle, if a simple suicide?), and. . . we will await. . . justice.