Another Young Man, In Louisiana — And Another, In Kenosha, Wisconsin… Overnight. Roger Goodell: “Too little; too late.”
August 24, 2020

I will be brief — as I am largely out of words. NFL Commish Goodell, above and at right, tells us he wishes to atone for marginalizing Kap.

Trump continues to affirmatively lie — and will tonight, at his “Klan-demic gathering” — about what these kneelings, he now well-knows — mean. [Here’s a nutty idea, Roger (and one that might actually do some good!) — why not now loudly denounce Trump, for his libelous lies about it all? Why, indeed?!]

All as just this weekend, two more unarmed young black men are shot by local law enforcement.

This is… too little; too late, Roger.

Everyone else: get out and vote, either in person or by mail, and leave no doubt: get rid of the racist in chief.