The Primitive In Chief — Finds Me (Gasp!) Nostalgic For (A Senile) Ronald Reagan…?
August 11, 2017

As I hopped on a train, headed to the church to be married, 33 years ago this morning, I heard tell of Mr. Reagan’s “hot mic” NPR moment — which was in the middle of the 1984 presidential election cycle. It was — he later said, at least — a joke. A very poor joke. But one that dominated weeks of news cycles, about whether he was fit to be President.

I could point to the “pussy grab” remark of the analogous time last summer, but really — why bother?

What 45 just said by tweet, on the 33rd anniversary of of Mr. Reagan’s awful gaffe — and what he said, in all seriousness — should be bone-chilling — at least to anyone who thinks he was ever fit for office. North Korea is in no way strategic to US interests, but he wants to blow it up — primarily to distract the public from, and generate cover for, his disaster of a presidency, unfolding day by sad day.

I cannot say that I long for Mr. Reagan — but I can say this man is orders of magnitude more malevolent, and inept.

Just the same, I am buoyed by optimism. . . personally. And, 11 years earlier — do go see the google doodle this morning — for a 1973 milestone, on this day in history — and do watch the sharp animation. I’m out, on a sunny Friday!