Outstanding Find, By Our Erstwhile, Long Term Commenter, Here… Helping The Children In Need — 100% Unlike Tangerine
March 29, 2021

This will, I hope — be reported upon shortly, far and wide, by the MSM (though I do understand that if for example, half of the career CDC or HHS staffers were to take this offer. . . we’d see a terrible government-wide “Suez Canal problem“). . . it is still. . . just such good news!

Mr. Biden is proving himself the polar opposite of Baby-T in literally dozens of ways, but this may be among the most important. Thanks go out to our commenter, overnight:

. . .I don’t see it posted in the mainstream media but, by Executive Order, the administration has requested all HHS employees to consider volunteering / assisting in oversight / care of these children.

Employees will be covered by their agencies if they sign up. Need supervisor approval.

Another positive step ~~ IMHO. . . .

What’s not to like, you fine federal career staffers — about moving to LA or San Diego, for a few weeks, this Spring (with your employer’s full support)?

But speaking in a little more acidic fashion, I saw a Twitter thread that proposed renaming that Suez Canal debacle barge. . . the USS Mitch McConnell, given how completely it had previously blocked up all forms of progress. Even so, it is now moving, so even that is becoming good (or at least better) news! Onward.