A Whole Slew Of Retired Federal Judges Weigh In On The Goofy Flynn Mandamus Gambit…
May 29, 2020

There are more and more judicial/legal heavyweights weighing in, against Barr / Flynn / Trump, here on a Friday night.

Brevity is said to be. . . the soul of wit. If so, Bill Barr is in deep trouble, in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. That’s the upshot.

And these more than two-dozen retired jurists have absolutely hit it — right out of the park — in just a single sentence (below). Here’s the concluding bit, from the perfectly pitched 24 page brief of the distinguished amici:

. . .To find that the district court somehow abused discretion BEFORE exercising it would deviate from established practice and procedure to a degree that amici have never encountered. Whatever this Court may ultimately decide, hearing this case prematurely would undermine “necessary confidence in the criminal justice system.” Marinello, 138 S. Ct. at 1109. . . .

Time for the odious Michael Flynn to prepare to be charged and tried for perjury — on the Distict Court’s own motion. Onward — but that is where this one is headed. . . you may bank on it. [Housekeeping note: We will be on SpaceX launch watch — by noon tomorrow.]