We Bring Some Grim US News (COVID Projection Models) On This Otherwise Sunny Summer Friday, Here. . .
July 17, 2020

Take A look — but do go read the context, here:

. . . .Models predicting the potential spread of the COVID-19 pandemic have become a fixture of American life. Yet each model tells a different story about the loss of life to come, making it hard to know which one is “right.” But COVID-19 models aren’t made to be unquestioned oracles. They’re not trying to tell us one precise future, but rather the range of possibilities given the facts on the ground. . . .

The thing that is certain is that we would be at something less than half these now-increasingly gruesome figures. . . if there had been a quick following of the plans President Obama left, as a playbook — for pandemics.

Instead, 45 golfed through February and into March, calling it all a hoax, one that would “magically” disappear. This fact alone (and it is a fact) should deprive him of. . . a second term.