No Surprise: The All-Too-Predictable Surge Of COVID-19 Cases, In Tulsa… Now Means The Hospital Systems Are Out. Of. Capacity, There.
July 26, 2020

We — and thousands of others, in truthwarned this moment would come. Now it has arrived.

There has been an unmistakable surge of the novel Coronavirus — in Tulsa, which coincides quite precisely with Trump’s rally there last month — even though only about 6,000 people actually unaffiliated with the campaign attended. And with that, Tulsa’s taxpayers will now pay for the public health debacle that Trump’s inexcusable vanity engendered.

Oklahoma is no battleground state — it was and is safe GOP territory. But Trump’s monstrous ego needed to feel like an adored winner. Instead, people there will. . . die. [And nationwide, now — we are seeing death totals that equate to a 9/11 tragedy, occurring every three days, day after day, now until at least mid-September 2020 — it is inescapable pandemic math, now.]

Here’s the bit, from the TulsaWorld reporting, this afternoon:

. . . .Dr. George Monks posted “we are out of runway”, on social media Thursday morning, and that the patient was in an emergency room at 8:30 a.m. but was unable to be placed in a hospital bed until after 5:30 p.m., when “the one and only bed in the entire Tulsa metro area became available. . . .

The “runway” is a reference to a comment from Gov. Kevin Stitt, who said earlier this month that Oklahoma has “plenty of runway” to monitor and adjust its response as COVID-19 surges. . . .”

During a [last] Tuesday news conference Stitt said Frye has been working with hospitals to modify the state’s surge plan and increase hospital overflow capacity. . . .

How many ways. . . can Donald Trump fail. . . to lead? This all is now beyond the realm of implausible fiction-writing. But it is all. . . sadly. . . factual. Onward, to a family game night — Sunday night, by Zoom. . . smile.