Very Hard News, Out Of The DRC, Now — Three Scourges Ravaging The Nation…
June 16, 2020

Meanwhile. . . the chaos and pandemic runs onward, unabated, in much of the rest of the world. . . all while Trump has feckessly turned his back on it all — announcing (but not yet achieving) an intention to defund WHO.

More broadly, I am troubled that decades of dis-investment, by the post-industrial world, has left much of sub-Saharan Africa deeply vulnerable — to multi-source biological hazards. . . now starting to overlap, and crush the public health system, such as it is, there. The latest, from Reuters Africa:

. . . .The Democratic Republic of Congo has recorded up to 17 Ebola cases in a new outbreak of the deadly virus in the western province of Equateur, and 11 of those infected have died, medical authorities said on Monday.

The authorities had reported 12 infections last week in the central African country, whose dilapidated health system is also combating a measles epidemic that has killed over 6,000 people and COVID-19, which has infected over 4,800 and killed 112. . . .

Be excellent to one another — and work for a regime change here, so we might restore our WHO funding commitments, to our fellow humans.