The Next-Gen Joint-Effort Space Telescope Has A December 18 Launch Date — From French Guiana Space Port…

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While we were off-grid, on vacation, the joint ESA and NASA teams confirmed a launch window for the next gen ‘scope.

It is back on, for late 2021 — after having moved to early 2022 — after having a Halloween 2021 original launch window. But being offloaded through the Panama Canal, it is now only a bit away from final staging in French Guiana’s Spaceport facility.

So, here is the Beeb, on it all:

. . .The $10bn James Webb Space Telescope is expected to launch on 18 December. . . .

All that is required is to unload the finished telescope in French Guiana, put it on the top of an Ariane rocket, light the engines and stand well back. . . .

Onward, to a birthday brunch — ever smiling. . . and keeping tabs on / watching a blazingly fast Half-Ironman® competitor (via the handy iPhone app) in Santa Cruz, California this midday! Woot!


H.E.R. Absolutely Nails It — At CNN 9/11 20 Year Memorial Tonight…

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Oh — And, Trying To Find Uplifting News, Here… A “Humble Brag” — On My City.

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The City of Big Shoulders was just voted the second most beautiful city on Earth.

Behind. . . only Paris, France, of course. . . .

So, there’s that. . . grin.


Seven Count Felony Case Against Trump Mega-Fundraiser Barrack Moves Forward — Next Appearance Early November 2021…

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On this poignant twentieth anniversary, we’ll take a renewed look at a true billionaire — one who’s been a traitor to this nation, in secretly working for the interests of a brutal dictatorship, while adroitly manipulating the fecklessly-moronic (tangerine-hued) prior occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania — one Thomas Barrack (all allegedly). [But the documents in evidence are damningly clear.]

Here is the entire updating report (from a status conference that I missed, whilst one mountain pass away from his home confinement digs, at right) — and a bit:

. . .The government intends to seek designation of this case as complex pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3161(h)(7)(B)(ii). Mr. Barrack believes this decision should be deferred until the next status conference so that there is parity of access to discovery materials before Mr. Barrack takes a position on complex case designation. . . .

Counsel for Mr. Barrack has requested a bill of particulars from the government. The government has advised counsel for Mr. Barrack that it believes the indictment satisfies the pleading standards of Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 7(c)(1) and that a bill of particulars is not warranted in this case. . . .

The parties respectfully request that the Court schedule the next status conference approximately 60 days [out]. . . .

Now you know. Do be thankful for our freedoms this day. And be excellent to one another. . . smile.


Live NASA / JPL Video-Conference: The Mars “Mining” Era Is Officially Underway…

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This is “mining” for science — not pecuniary profit.

This is all a drill / core / search analysis to look for signs of how life might have evolved on another world — and perhaps even been transported to our little blue life-raft, by a meteor strike.

The subsequently-released briefing indicates that the rocks found so far contain. . . salts — and salts deep within them. . . are powerful evidence of liquid water, “running over the rocks, from the basement of time“. . . to use Norman Maclean’s poetic turn of phrase (like the words, under his timeless raindrops, raindrops that fell on these long ago river rocks).

That is what all this goofy-miner stuff is ultimately about. Worthy science, indeed.

So here we go:

Have a great weekend, one and all. And as ever, do be excellent to one another. Smile.


East Bay III Is Nearly Put To Bed — Awaiting Final New Biden Administration Rules, On Fees For Entry…

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In August of 2020, Tangerine unlawfully sky-rocketed the so-called USCIS fees, for applying to enter the country — but only for entrants from the Mexico border. It was an attempt to tax only brown skinned potential entrants. . . essentially. . . out of existence.

The courts quickly enjoined that obviously discriminatory abuse of treaty obligations. Now, about a year later (and having held a national election), the government is rescinding the rule Tangerine attempted. But since no one is paying these fees, there are more pressing matters to address in the Biden Administration. The federal litigation will end, as a complete vindication of the rule of law — but the next “check-in date”, for a judicial review of the new rules (to address the allocation of scarce resources issues) is now set as January 2022, thus:

. . .The Spring 2021 Unified Agenda (UA) entry for this rulemaking listed a November 2021 target date for a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) that would rescind and replace the changes made by the August 3, 2020 rule at issue and establish new USCIS fees. At this time, the agency has not confirmed a target date for issuing the contemplated NPRM, but expects that when the Fall 2021 UA is published, it will contain an updated target date for the contemplated NPRM. . . .

For these reasons, the parties request that the Court continue to hold this case and all proceedings in abeyance. Furthermore, the parties request that they be permitted to file a joint status report by the earlier of January 14, 2022, or within two weeks of defendants either publishing in the Federal Register a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding a proposed new fee rule or advising plaintiffs that defendants have determined not to propose a new fee rule, indicating whether this case and all proceedings should continue to be held in abeyance or proposing a scheduling for continuing the litigation. . . .

Now you know — onward to the upcoming NASA briefing over lunch on Mars “mining” successes. . . . grinning — ever grinning.


To Belabor The (Very) Obvious, President Biden Possesses Direct Statutory Authority To Mandate Testing And Vaccines — When A Substantial Number Of Americans Endanger Us All…

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This should not need repeating, as a preliminary matter (but the usual Tangerine nut-jobs are already claiming the opposite): of course, the constitutional basis for mandated / US employer vaccines or tests. . . is directly enumerated as a power of the Executive Branch, after Congress passed (for “the general welfare”) 42 U.S. Code § 247d(a)(2), also known as § 319 of the federal Public Health Service Act, which allows the Department of Health and Human Services or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (i.e., a part of the Executive Branch) to take necessary measures “to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the States or possessions, or from one State or possession into any other State or possession. . . .”

In this regard, we note that SCOTUS Justice Barrett (a Tangerine suggestion) just last month denied an emergency attempt to stop Indiana University (on what purported to be religious grounds) from mandating student vaccinations. Seems as though the most conservative wing of the Supremes presently disagrees with Hinderaker: this mandate will stand. And there is this 1922 case, already decided by the Supremes, directly refuting Hinderaker’s thesis.

Now, to the main point — John thinks it is each person’s choice over their bodily autonomy — as a “penumbral” liberty interest — to get or not get the jab.

But he thinks adult women, only six weeks pregnant (only in Texas, though — at the moment). . . cannot make decisions for themselves. They have no penumbral liberty interest in the autonomy of their own bodies, as soon as any given zygote shows signs of fluid circulating through it. That is, it is a mass of cells — not a human mind — in any rational understanding of current human biology.

And then there is the fact that the Supremes already decided that precise case (called Roe v. Wade), and drew the line for any regulation of a woman’s right to choose as being NO SOONER than the start of the SECOND trimester — at any moment after 90 days of pregnancy, not — not — NOT 16 days (after a missed cycle).

Here endeth the lesson. Hinderaker will lose on the Texas 16 days nonsense (as Merrick Garland has now filed a case in Austin), and on the Biden vaccines argument — as above.



Tangent: Texas Cannot Kill A Man Unless It Allows His Pastor In The Death Chamber, To Pray With, And “Lay Hands” On Him: SCOTUS

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Late last night, the Supremes unsurprisingly ruled (given the court’s own recent holding in Alabama v. Willy Smith III) that Texas must allow a spiritiual adviser to be inside the death chamber, and pray with the inmate, as well as lay hands on him — as he is put to death.

Some years ago, one of these southern states had tried to say that an Imam could be refused (no Muslim praying), but Christian ministers could come into the death chamber to pray with Christian inmates as they died. [I think it was Texas, as well — but I won’t bother to look it up. The whole puppet theater of the Governor in it is. . . absurd. And cruel.]

Of course I agree that the victims of a capital crime deserve primary consideration here, in witnessing the execution but no crime victim has any legitimate interest in preventing any death-eligible inmate from exercising his/her own religious convictions — as s/he is put to death. So, since the first amendment is clear on its face, here. . . Governor Abbott deserves to lose. And he will. From the earlier Alabama opinion then:

. . .Under that statute, a prison may not “impose a substantial burden” on a prisoner’s “religious exercise” unless doing so satisfies our strict-scrutiny test: The challenged policy must be “the least restrictive means of furthering [a] compelling governmental interest.” 42 U. S. C. §2000cc–1(a). That standard, we have often explained, is “exceptionally demanding.” Holt, 574 U. S., at 364. If any “less restrictive means is available for the Government to achieve its goals, then the Government must use it.” Id., at 365. Alabama’s policy substantially burdens Smith’s exercise of religion. The State bars all clergy members from the execution chamber, leaving inmates to die without spiritual attendance. But Smith understands his minister’s presence as “integral to [his] faith” and “essential to [his] spiritual search for redemption.” Complaint ¶64; Decl. of Spencer Hahn in No. 2:20–cv–1026, Doc. 4–1, ¶14. His pastor, Smith says, will not only “relieve his struggle as he passes,” but also help him “properly express to God his repentance.” Complaint ¶¶65–66. The sincerity of those religious beliefs is not in doubt: Alabama acknowledges that Smith’s request is “based on a religious belief and not some other motivation.” Brief for Defendant-Appellee in No. 21–10348 (CA11), p. 24. So Alabama’s policy must withstand strict scrutiny. And it cannot. . . .

Once again, Gov. Abbott seeks entirely un-Christian outcomes, under the guise of his pro-religiousity governing schemes. Ugly.


Is 53 Years… Enough? He Was 24 — When “Put Away” For What Was Supposed To Be A Death Sentence…

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And should it matter, that his victim was so. . . prominent? He killed the likely next President of the United States.

Thus, there is a sensible argument that his crime changed the course of US history — if not world history. Imagine if Bobby Kennedy, and a stronger form of liberalism, more generally, had taken the White House from Nixon.

The mind could boggle — would we have exited Vietnam by mid-1969? Would civil rights have advanced at a much quicker pace? Would there ever have been room, in serious politics, for an ex-actor from “Bedtime for Bonzo” / Ronnie Reagan (if there had been no weak handed Carter, in the White House)? [There might never have been room for Arnold as a Governor in California, if not for Reagan.]

And that in turn strongly suggests there almost certainly would never have been room for (or appetite for) a. . . Tangerine.

And maybe — just maybe — the first Black President would have been. . . a woman (when Barack was still in law school).

All of that said — I am convinced that Sirhan Sirhan shouldn’t be held to any greater account for that change in geo-politics, here half a century later — than any other cold blooded murderer. And he is eligible for parole, under California’s long-since changed laws.

Laws that speak of rehabilitation, and re-entry into society. In sum, to my eye, he is closer to a child-murderer — and it counts for. . . something, that he committed this assassination when he was a very young, deluded radical. At 78, we all may agree that he presents almost zero chance of re-offending, as his last prison infraction was in 1972. So — should he be able to die as a free man, without the state paying for his food, clothing and increasing health care needs? I think so. What do you think? Tell me in comments, as we watch Ida. . . arrive.


Please Travel Lightly — And Safely — But Resolutely, Away From The Big Easy… Right Away.

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There is just no sense. . . in trying to ride this one out. It is now a Category 4 — well-past time, to bug out.

Please, just get on the road. . . to any / all points about 200 miles to the north, and to the west. The traffic is horrific. . . but just. . . go.

Take it easy on the road, but keep driving all night, if need be.

Please. . . be safe — and be excellent, to one another. [The loop is from NOAA, in Boulder, Colorado.]