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This Year’s Western Wildfires Have Burned More Square Mileage Already — Than The Cities Of LA, New York And Chicago — COMBINED.
July 31, 2021

As a long ago transplanted boy of the mountain west, seeing these fires (in any size) makes my soul. . . ache. I well-know, having walked ridge-lines cleared by fires ages ago, that takes several decades for the small shoots to regrow to the height that looks “normal” again.

And when the devastation comes on this scale — and includes homes. . . well, it is simply heart breaking. Here’s the latest, from CNN:

. . .America’s two largest active wildfires have burned land nearly the size of New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago combined — as drought and extreme heat continue to make matters worse for those fighting the massive fires in the West.”

There’s no human intervention that can save these forests if we don’t stop climate change,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee told CNN on Friday. “All of us want more aerial assets, more bulldozers, more trained personnel, but it’s kind of like if there’s an arsonist at loose, and we have to corral the arsonist. We have to go on the offense. . . .”

Indeed — we need to aggresively re-work water rights management, and reduce climate changing emissions, so that these “fire-nadoes” are far less common. That is, itself, decades of work. But we must begin, somewhere — right away, for our kids, and theirs.

If only we could move the rains from where there is plenty of extra — to where we need them, most. . . right? G’night. . . grinning.