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The Federal Suit That Resulted From Baby T. Trying To Ban WeChat And TikTok… Will Now Result In US Paying The Companies’ Legal Fees — Government Position Was Taken In “Bad Faith”.
July 30, 2021

Or, “more clean up — in Aisle 45. . . it’s a sticky broken orange-ish jar — of jello-and-anchovy paste. . . .”

Well, we, the US taxpayers will continue to cover the bar tab (in this, and dozens of other suits), from Tangerine’s lawless actions. That’s what our statutes provide, to protect innocent parties from malicious prosecution by federal government agents. Due to how unquestionably wrong these executive orders were, this is money we should never have had to. . . waste.

You see, in this case, the “actor” was the occupant of the Oval Office — and it was as clear as day that he was acting beyond the scope of his power (banning free speech apps among US citizens), all in impotently trying to punish the social media apps, for embarrassing him, at his sparsely attended Tulsa COVID super-spreader rally (where the GOP gad-fly Herman Cain caught — and a few days later, died from — the virus). Here’s the latest, on settlement of the action — from a filing in California, overnight:

. . .During the week of August 2, 2021, Plaintiffs intend to present Defendants with a demand for attorneys’ fees and costs under the Equal Access to Justice Act, for fees and costs incurred in both the district court and Ninth Circuit. The parties jointly request that this Court continue the Case Management Conference presently set for August 5, 2021 until September 16, 2021, or the Court’s next availability, with an updated statement due one week in advance of the Case Management Conference. . . .

In the interim, the parties anticipate meeting and conferring to see if they can resolve the remaining issues without motion practice. In the event the parties do resolve the issue of attorneys’ fees and costs, the parties anticipate filing a stipulation of dismissal. The parties will notify the Court in the event the parties are unable to resolve the issue of attorneys’ fees and costs, at which time they will seek to confirm a briefing schedule for Plaintiffs’ fees motion. . . .

Who knew being a malevolent, feckless crack pot wanna be dictator would be so. . . expensive for the US taxpayers? We did, of course. Onward — to better days ahead.