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The Path To The Future, On Vaccines… Is Almost Certainly Through mRNA Tech: So, Sanofi Buys Translate Bio — For $2.3 Billion, This Morning.
August 3, 2021

More power-alley stuff follows here — forgive me:

It seems to happen more frequently — once, about every two decades or so, now [and used to come. . . only about twice a century (a la Marie Curie; Jonas Salk)]: a novel approach yields astonishing results in one field, and becomes the new way of doing. . . everything, in that field. So it is, now with next-gen vaccines: mRNA is that way. [Two decades ago it was the “-previrs” in curing Hep C; and about decade ago, it was the emergence of “-lizumab” — in immuno-oncology. We covered both — just search them.]

Today, I think we may safely say building all sorts of novel vaccines using mRNA will be the “Why wouldn’t we do it?” question rather than the “Hmm. . . maybe we should try. . .” thought bubble. So this morning, Sanofi has plunked down its bet, to be dealt into in these most important of games — of seven card draw, here:

. . .Sanofi has agreed to buy U.S. biotech company Translate Bio — as it bets on next-generation mRNA vaccine technology beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, confirming a Reuters exclusive report.

The French pharmaceuticals firm said it would acquire all outstanding shares of Translate Bio for $38.00 per share in cash, representing a total equity value of about $3.2 billion.

The boards of both companies have approved the deal, and the chief executive of Translate Bio and the U.S. company’s largest shareholder have backed it, Sanofi and Translate Bio said in a joint statement. . . .

We do always cheer the advancing of bio-science — it will literally save millions of lives. But especially this one, all because an immigrant woman bio-scientist named Dr. Kati Kariko refused to take the patriarchy’s dismissive “nopes” for any final answer — on her mRNA discoveries’ very wide applicability. Grinning. . . . onward. Ever, onward.