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Y A W N. Only Took Ten Days — And Abbott’s “Driving While Brown” Lawless Executive Order Is… Enjoined, In Texas.
August 4, 2021

We said this would occur. Full overnight order here, from the able USDC Judge Kathryn Cardone, in El Paso. See image at right.

It is patently obvious that allowing Texas Rangers / state troopers to stop anyone suspected of being a “migrant” in any car, at any time — on no other probable cause. . . is repugnant to our equal protection clause. Hard to imagine a more clear violation of that notion, by official action.

It would mean (if allowed to go into effect) that it would be unlawful in Texas to “drive, while. . . brown” — or at least give police there loony Gestapo powers.

But even more than that, the matters of immigration and deportation. . . are exclusively under federal jurisdiction, under our Constitutional scheme. Texas is not its own nation. Texas may not try to step in front of a federal mandate or rule here (just as we saw in the young Texas USDC Judge Tipton “Dead Hand on the Tiller” case this Spring).

In sum, sit down Gov. Abbott. Oh. I guess you already. . . got the memo, from USDC Judge Tipton.

In any event, we will track this up to and through the final injunction, in El Paso — and then on up to the Fifth Circuit, and if need be — to the Supremes. Abbott and Paxon really ought to be re-styled — as Abbott and Costello. Out, grinning, though at the feckless wastes Texas voters and taxpayers allow, as publicity stunts — by their Governor.

I genuinely cannot fathom the mindless hate it takes, to come up with these ultimately impotent stunts.

I N S A N E.