[U: Originally Posted June 22, 2021.] Trivia / Numerology! Yesterday Evening, And August Through December…

This is purely a flight of imagination. . . Ready?

Okay — think about what you were doing — at exactly 9:21 pm — twenty-one seconds into that minute, precisely. . . last night. It was a 21st second, of a 21st minute, of a 21st hour, of the 21st year, of the 21st Century (as measured by the Gregorian calendar, at least).

The sixth (month) is. . . an odd ball — I freely admit. [But it does put it solidly at the middle of the year of 21s.]

And there will be no 21st month, to be sure. . . .

But see if you can arrange to do exactly the same thing (assuming it was pleasurable), on this corresponding day of the ensuing months, from August July to December. Grin. . . [and if it was not pleasurable, just. . . switch it up].

And, apropos of nothing, really — this at above right, from the NY Met, is a 3,100-plus year old pair of lips, and a jaw-line remnant / sculpture — likely of an Egyptian Queen (Tiya, Nefertiti or Kiya are all strong possibilities). Or royalty. . . at least. Enjoy. . . grinning, here. Will mention it again — in 30, 60, 90 and 120 days.


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