The Onion’s Take Here — Is Spot On!

The number of times I’ve heard some version of this nonsense — in essentially less direct language. . . can’t be counted on all my fingers and toes, put together.

True — even at public companies. Do better, people:

. . .Repeatedly thwarted in their efforts to bring some new perspectives to the C-suite, agrochemical company WFM Industries shared with reporters Wednesday that they were struggling to find diverse leadership candidates among the CEO’s golf buddies.“

Increasing diversity at the executive level is a top priority for us, but we’ve really had difficulty recruiting any minority candidates from the guys our CEO plays 18 holes with every Sunday,” said WFM chief human resources officer Melinda Webber, who added that she was still adjusting to her role as the company’s first female C-suite member, hired after an extensive search of the CEO’s golf buddies’ wives. . . .

Intended as humorous, by the Onion — but still in far too many board-rooms, around America — deadly accurate. . . Onward.


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