“Dammit, Archer!” — Banksy Chicago Miscue. Update From May 2021.

Well, it would likely have been. . . sublime — but I was curious as to how the promoters thought they could pull the show off, without an explicit consent from Banksy. [My prior backgrounder, here.]

Even anonymous artists do control the right to use their handle / name, and their works — under US law. If every piece of art in the show was clearly rightfully owned by a private collector, without any explicit terms restricting the display of each. . . perhaps the show would be legally-permitted, as an artistic commentary and critique, even if Bansky objected to it. Bad form, but likely lawful in the US, at least.

In any event, here is the latest sad news:

“. . .Despite numerous good faith attempts, we have not been able to come to terms on a lease that would allow the team behind The Art of Banksy (TAOB) to host their exhibit at our West Loop venue, Epiphany Center for the Arts,” co-founder David Chase said in a statement.

“After weeks of planning and negotiations that included design and construction details specific to Epiphany’s historic spaces, including the flow of TAOB patrons throughout the exhibition and Epiphany’s common areas, we have reached a dead end.

The team behind TAOB has ceased communicating with Epiphany and, after nearly a month of negotiations and preparations, all efforts to move forward with a rental agreement have gone unanswered. Like the elusive Banksy himself, the team behind The Art of Banksy is nowhere to be found. . . .”

We shall see — but I’ll file for my refund later this morning.

Onward. . . .


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