Settlement Discussions Continue, In Ms. L. Class Action In San Diego — Sarah Fabian Remains “Of Record” For The Government…

As expected, the efforts of the Biden Administration to right the wrongs at our our southern borders continue apace. That is good. And settlement of most issues could be complete by mid-summer.

Even so, as the overnight status report shows (see page 4), there are at least 291 children (277, plus 14) here in the US, whose parents will very likely never be found, for reunification.

This is so because (as we have repeatedly made clear), the Tangerine mal-administration returned (dumped, actually) their parents / guardians on the Mexico side of the border, without setting any real identifying protocol / method, or securing follow up contact details — nor any attempts at providing a robust means to get in touch with their minor children (in many cases, now over three years ago). The US authorities under Tangerine just took the children, and dumped the people they were with in Mexico. End of story.

Now after three years, it is highly unlikely — a moon shot, actually — that parents will, from the mists homelessness, and passing years. . . miraculously emerge, and be identifiable. That will be an enduring stain on our nation’s legacy, under that odious little orange man.

I write this morning, however to note one other thing — about this new, and quite laudable effort: I hope (and will trust) that Ms. Sarah Fabian has stayed on as senior immigration counsel (on last night’s filing) to help right the wrongs she well-knows she fostered and supported, for four long years under Tangerine. So, for now I will trust that this is her genuine effort — to redeem herself from those cruelly inhumane Ninth Circuit arguments she made — and we detailed on video, here about two years ago, in the summer. From the latest report, then:

. . .The parents of 391 children fall into three groups. First, there are approximately 277 children whose parents are believed to have been removed from the United States following separation from their children, and our efforts to locate them in their country of origin are ongoing. Second, there is a group of approximately 100 children whose parents are believed to be in the United States, and efforts to locate them in the United States are also ongoing. Third, there is a group of 14 children for whom the government has not provided a phone number. . . .

As part of the settlement in this matter, and in the Flores case in LA, it may be that DNA testing is the last gasp at a solution. What it would require would be free DNA testing by US funded agencies or charities in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and several other countries — made widely available from locally trusted sources, with a clearly articulated open call to all parents to come get tested, to help (via new US government efforts) find the children that were taken from them, if they crossed the US border in the last five or so years. That may be the only plausible route left.

But like Sarah Fabian, individually — we, collectively, have a duty to try at least, to repair the damage done by 45, to our standing as a world citizen. Onward.


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