Finally! The Nutty Texas Suit Against Mr. Biden’s Authority To Re-Set, And Reform Immigration Policies… Dismissed By Agreement.

Well. . . winning ugly. . . is still. . . winning.

Judge Tipton entered the parties’ agreement today, from the Monday status hearing — at which all parties agreed the 100 day period in Mr. Biden’s order. . . had lapsed. This indisputably removed any argument about young USDC Judge Tipton having any jurisdiction, in the matter. And so, it is over (without any bad precedent left on the permanent record):

. . .[All parties] stipulate to the dismissal of this action and that each Party will bear its own costs. . . . The object of all of Plaintiff’s claims, the 100-day pause on the removal of aliens already subject to a final order of removal. . . has expired. . . . In light of the fact that the 100-day pause on removals has lapsed. . . Intervenor-Defendants stipulate that they do not intend, in order to extend or reinstate the challenged pause on the execution of final orders of removal for any noncitizens, to challenge any administrative action or inaction by Defendants. . .

Dismissed. . . .

Let us put this shameful attempt at a “dead hand” provision behind us, then — all people of good will, in the State of Texas. We are. . . a union — “out of many, one. . . .” Not a disjointed series of independent nation-states. Onward.


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