Update, On Federal Trial Date In Nashville: Now Set For December of 2022 — “Real Lady A” Common Law / Trademark-, And Lanham Act Declaratory Judgment Disputes.

Okay, out of that status hearing a day or so ago — we’ve garnered this much: We will first see an series of counterclaims from Ms. Anita White, as against the white country act — that will come by May 27 — near Memorial Day 2021.

From there, all responsive (or amended) pleadings will be due in September 2021. Which puts this on a track for trial by. . . Christmas 2022. Moving at a glacial pace, indeed.

But COVID-19 has put a serious crimp in the length of time to get to a jury in all federal courthouses — there is simply a 16 month backlog, cued up around the nation. So we will have to be. . . patient.

From a case management order, filed in Nashville on May 19, 2021, then:

. . .Defendant [The REAL Lady A, Ms. Anita White] intends to assert counterclaims in her answer due on May 27, 2021 and will demand a jury trial. . . .

Buckle up, you country act imposters. . . you will “go through some things” — but it will take a minute (in teh vernacular), to get to that moment. I for one will be watching, and closely — too.

On, to munchkin graduations, mañana. . . grinning.


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