Updated Court Status — Come Friday, In The Quixotic Texas Matter, Seeking To Block Mr. Biden’s 100 Day “Deportation Pause” Order — Before Judge Tipton…

As we’ve repeatedly said, the Trump-appointed, largely underqualified young USDC judge in Texas seems unable to grasp that he doesn’t possess jurisdiction over the claims Texas seeks to assert — as under clearly correct US Supreme Court decisions, Texas (as an individual state) has no standing to sue the Biden administration over a order that doesn’t single Texas out, in any fashion.

Be that as it may, and that Mr. Biden’s 100 day pause has now expired, by the sheer passage of time — I would hope that the Texas court will now move toward dismissing this nonsense political action. But I expect more political speechifying from his bench on Friday, in truth, so I will listen in, and perhaps even live blog it, again. Here’s the latest:

. . .Status Conference set for 5/14/2021 at 09:00 AM before Judge Drew B Tipton, filed.

All Parties to appear by ZOOM. Zoom link will be emailed to parties.

Dial in instructions for the conference can be accessed within the High Profile Hearings with Public Access link at https://www.txs.uscourts.gov/

Except by leave of the presiding Judge, no photo- or electro-mechanical means of recordation or transmission of court proceedings is permitted. (KelliePapaioannouadi, 2) (Entered: 05/11/2021). . . .

Now you know — onward, grinning, despite Tipton’s utter disregard for federal law. . . this silly suit is going to draw to a close.


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