How The Nancy Grace Roman Space Scope Will Hunt For Rogue Black Holes… VIDEO!

As we await a firm date (likely some time around 2025), for the launch of this space wonder, and we remember the life of the woman for whom it is named. . . .

We thought it would be useful, to show a video — of at least one of the functions it will certainly be able to achieve: spotting rogue black holes, whizzing free in black space — not at the center of any galactic core. It might even see an intertwined, dancing orbiting pair of them, as below, and imaged in the masthead, as revised this afternoon (courtesy NASA | Goddard):

. . .Explore how the extreme gravity of two orbiting supermassive black holes distorts our view. In this visualization, disks of bright, hot, churning gas encircle both black holes, shown in red and blue to better track the light source. The red disk orbits the larger black hole, which weighs 200 million times the mass of our Sun, while its smaller blue companion weighs half as much. Zooming into each black hole reveals multiple, increasingly warped images of its partner. . . .

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