The Situation For Border Kids Is Improving, But Quite A Distance Still To Traverse…

Tonight, we will post the latest on what the independent monitor has observed, in touring the surge housing facilities in the Southwest United States.

As I say, things are improving — and it is frankly maddening that now the GOP seeks to blame four years of Tangerine cruelty on the people of good will, trying earnestly to remediate the human rights debacle he presided over.

Do read that link, as in candor — we will have quite a distance to cover. . . of broken ground, and broken promises — to regain our standing as a compassionate northerly neighbor, on the world stage. This remediation is likely to take years. . . and in truth, at least some of the children (perhaps 500 or so) may never see their parents again, as the parents were deported without records, and cannot now be located — due to Tangerine’s intentional policy of not documenting, and coordinating family groups with reference to one another, on arrival/detention.

But we will now just have to address what is. . . possible — in good will, and good faith.

And tomorrow or Sunday (as the masthead suggests), we will look in on a peculiar — and at lest reasonably-likely-to-exist “wobbly” (or “fat,” if one prefers) Muon — which seems to have been observed — as a potentially entirely new force of natural physical laws, at Fermilab, in nearby Batavia. We certainly do need some better karma, here. G’night.


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