As Organon Comes “Full Circle” — And Leaves Merck’s Fold, It Acquires An Add-On, In Womens Health For Up To $240 Million…

Back to the power alley for a moment; this deal is likely to close after Organon is again a stand-alone public company.

And it is fascinating. . . that this blog (in part) detailed the reasons I thought the Organon acquisition looked like a desperation move, by Fred Hassan, at legacy Schering-Plough, at the time — only to see that a dozen years later. . . it is “set free“.

To be certain, a purely focused on womens health company makes sense — but scale will be a concern, compared to the behemoth of a JNJ, for example. So, bulking up a little makes sense. This morning’s press release offers this, on it all:

. . .The transaction is expected to close after Organon has spun off from Merck as a standalone publicly traded company.

“The acquisition aligns with Organon’s strategy to become a global leader in women’s health by focusing our product development on her unmet medical needs,” said Kevin Ali, chief executive officer, Organon. “We believe that Organon’s strong global commercial footprint in reproductive health, in conjunction with Alydia’s rapidly growing commercial capabilities in the U.S., will help enable growth of the Jada® System, including potential expansion into Europe and other developed countries, as well as in the world’s least developed markets where Organon has significant experience creating affordable access.”

The Jada System is intended to provide control and treatment of abnormal postpartum uterine bleeding or hemorrhage when conservative management is warranted. The safety and effectiveness of the Jada System was evaluated in the PEARLE study, a prospective, single-arm, clinical trial, under an approved investigational device exemption from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). . . .

Now you know — on a glorious sunny Spring morning here. . . grinning. . . but tomorrow will be a difficult one year anniversary.


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