Apple’s Tim Cook Speaks In Favor Of Dreamers’ Path To Citizenship…

We need the GOP members of the Senate to get on board here — and address the inequities. But failing that, we need to pass it 50-49, now that it has cleared the House.

We need a path to citizenship for kids who’ve only ever known the US as home. Per Apple’s Tim Cook, speaking for the Business Roundtable yesterday:

“. . .Dreamers — who came to America as children and who know it as their only home — make invaluable contributions to America and certainly to companies like ours. Dreamers have been on the frontlines of fighting the pandemic as healthcare workers, of caring for our communities, and of working in the disciplines and industries that will help America emerge stronger on the other side of COVID-19. As we work to reinvigorate the U.S. economy, we need their continued contributions as equal partners in the American story, and we urge Members on both sides of the aisle to vote in support of the American Dream and Promise Act to help make that possible. . . .

“The vast majority of Americans believe that standing up for Dreamers should be a priority. Once the American Dream and Promise Act moves forward, the Business Roundtable urges policymakers to prioritize bipartisan and practical solutions to fix our broken immigration system, enforce the rule of law and respond to the pressing challenges we face. . . .”

Our continued leadership in the life sciences and tech and space exploration all depend to a large degree on the geniuses now arriving as babies — and thus, on the continued reform of our immigration laws and policies (post-Tangerine). . . and perhaps most importantly, the US’s over half-century of wide open freedom — for immigrants, here arriving, to pursue their hopes and dreams in peace. Now you know — grinning — and let’s go Ramblers!


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