[U] Head To Head, Against “Barack-etology” — For The First Time In Several Years, We Are Significantly Different, In The Middle Rounds.

This (at right — click to enlarge) means one of us will be a runaway winner against the other.

There is very little chance that our errors (inter se) will cancel each other out, even though we both have Gonzaga to win it all.

And in my most sober brackets, at right, I am truly-saddened not to have Loyola going deeper; and saddened that Illinois doesn’t win it all. They are as good as they’ve ever been in 30 years, at least compared to the rest of the Big Ten talent.

Finally, my Buffs drew a tough bracket — just as Loyola did — and so they don’t go very far. [But if the Buffs even go as far as I’ve predicted, that may be my margin of victory over our 44th President, since he has them losing in the first round. We shall see.]

I think he’s wrong about Michigan State, too — that’s his sentimental side getting the best of him, again this year. He often flames out expecting the Spartans to do better than they generally do. UPDATE: Michigan State is out. UCLA beats them in overtime. Sorry, Mr. President.

Ah. . . such is life.

It should be clear that Mr. Obama’s picks are hand written, and unless I disagree with him — there is no green name. But where a green name appears, those would be my picks which disagree with his. Now we wait for the proper first round action, tomorrow. Grinning. . . ever grinning — be excellent to one another.


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