Before Midday Thursday, I’ll Post Complete Final Brackets — Condor Vs. Obama… As We Have Ever Since 2012…

But since he has left public life, his aren’t online yet (and probably won’t be, until noon on Thursday) — so I’ll post a few partials, from my alternate. . . “for fun” bracket pools with my bros and friends. . . why? Well, because the Irish is risin’, in me — this fine morning. . . and long-shots rule this day of. . . climbin’ Croagh Pádraic.

It turns out that Sister Jean has been vaccinated, and at 101 years young she will travel to Indy to see her team. That alone means Final Four. Grin. . . and now, courtesy of the late Billy Kerrigan (all delivered in a thick, deeply resonant Irish brogue):

. . .May those that love us. . . love us.

May the good Lord turn the hearts — of those that do not. . .

And if He canna’ turn their hearts — then. . .

Let Him turn their. . . ankles,

That we might know them — by their limpin’. . .

Do be excellent to one another, and know that these green eyes are crinkling at the corners, smiling at all of you of good will. Erin Go Brah.

Onward, with full side by side official brackets — if Mr. Obama puts one out — by Thursday around 11 AM EDT.


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