The Difference Early, Aggressive Intervention [And A Widely-Available, 99%-Plus Effective Vaccine] Makes, In Epidemiology: Ebola In Guinea 2021

Well. The object lesson here is unmistakable, for the anti-vax crowd — with regard to COVID-19, here in the EU and US. Just do it. Get the jab. Period.

The difference between living on — and an awful, rattling death — in rural Nzérékoré prefecture, in Spring 2021, is almost entirely due to ring vaccinations of those who are contacts of contacts, or direct contacts — this time around. Kudos go out — to Merck. Over 2,000 have been inoculated, through this week. And, as of yesterday, the latest stats then — from the African Union’s version of the CDC:

. . .Since the last brief (3 March 2021), one new confirmed case, two new deaths, and no new recoveries of Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been reported in Nzérékoré, Guinea. . . .

Cumulatively, 29 EVD cases, 13 deaths (CFR: 45%), and four recoveries have been reported from Democratic Republic of Congo (11 cases; 4 deaths; 2 recoveries) and Guinea (18; 9; 2).

Seven healthcare workers are amongst the confirmed cases: DR Congo (2) and Guinea (5).

DR Congo updates: Since the last brief, no new cases, deaths, or recoveries from EVD have been reported. Cumulatively, 11 confirmed cases, four deaths (CFR: 36%), and two recoveries have been reported. . . .

This is (all things considered) very good Friday news. Onward, and locally, on COVID-19, going to see if there are excess doses available at the city clinic in Humbolt Park this afternoon. The Moderna vaccine is given in groups of ten people, per each opened vial. When there is a prior appointment’s no show, and a vial that will spoil in under an hour or two, late into the afternoon hours — “regular people” may offer to accept that remaining unused dose — under Chicago’s local delivery rules.

[In all likelihood, by mid-next week, I’d be eligible regular way here, anyway — based on age.] But if there is a spare dose or two, this afternoon — I’ll bring a bag-chair, a Cubs baseball cap, some sun-block, stake out a hunk of sidewalk, in the line, just outside the clinic — previously having snagged a flight of hot fresh fish tacos, and root beer — from my favorite truck, just around the corner. What’s not to love. . . about that, for a Friday — I ask you? Grin. . . .


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