Ms. L Case Now Before A Magistrate — For Complete Settlement: Border Cruelty Ends.

This is very good, if not entirely unexpected, overnight news — from the federal district courthouse in San Diego. Judge Sabraw has done a fine job protecting human rights during the last four years of. . . winter, there.

As we predicted, even Sarah Fabian will be unable to thwart decency any longer. The Biden administration is going to restore sanity to the border process. Here’s the full five page status report, and the concluding bit:

. . .In accordance with the Court’s order, the parties inform the Court that they have agreed to enter into settlement negotiations. The parties have agreed that the Task Force will continue with its work during settlement negotiations, and it is the parties’ hope that these settlement discussions, conducted in conjunction with the work of the Task Force, will eventually resolve many or all of the outstanding issues in litigation. In furtherance of their agreement, the parties intend to reach out to the assigned Magistrate Judge Mitchell Dembin to set an initial settlement conference as soon as feasible.

The parties ask that while these discussions are ongoing, the litigation be stayed and all pending deadlines held in abeyance, with the exception that status conferences shall continue to be held, with joint status reports in advance of the status conference addressing current efforts to contact parents find families not yet contacted, and Judge Sabraw shall retain oversight of such efforts. . . .

Onward, smiling widely. Spring is almost here — in the city of big shoulders.


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