[Tangent Alert:] What Might Be The Purpose Of Being Able To Self-Decapitate, And Regrow A Body — In Three Weeks?

The researchers in Japan suspect that it might allow the slug to shed the occasional parasite infestation.

I cannot help but wonder if regeneration of other cell tissue — eventually in humans — might be possible (and might actually be what the Japanese research is more directly. . . about). Entire organs, in fact? Hearts? In any event, here is the latest, from C|net:

. . .The regenerating sea slugs were younger individuals. It took about a week to regrow the heart and they had completely regenerated their bodies within three weeks. The researchers suggest there may be “stem-like cells” where the neck severs that allow for the regrowth. . . .

The ability to regrow a body isn’t unheard of. Some species of jellyfish can regenerate after an injury. The self-decapitation part of the sea slugs’ process adds to the mystery though. The researchers suggest the action may be a way to get rid of internal parasites, but the impetus is unclear.

The surprising body regeneration process is already giving scientists ideas for further studies. Said Mitoh, “As the shed body is often active for months, we may be able to study the mechanism and functions of kleptoplasty using living organs, tissues, or even cells. . . .”

Fascinating; but the misuse of this sort of learning. . . seems both plausible (due to the vast riches a human version would engender) — and obvious, as a therapeutic / target approach, in humans. So, it would seem self-evident, that very close tabs ought to be kept on its progress. Perhaps we will, here. . . almost Mary Wollenscraft Shelley-esque, at that.

And as I close tonight, I must admit that it seems the Oprah / Sussexes interview has rocked British society to its core. Who knows what comes next? Who, indeed. . . but Harry and Meghan were courageous to speak up, that much is certain. When the Queen passes, it is my hunch that the status of the Royals will be greatly diminished, as it seems she is the last of that dying breed of monarchs who commanded both fear and respect. By earning it. Not so, Charles, apparently — won’t take his son’s phone calls? After how he treated Diana? Disgusting. Signing off now. . . before I type something. . . truly unkind. Regrowing a heart, indeed. Smile.


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