Global Merck v. Merck Name Rights Spat: Next Status Update Hearing In New Jersey Set For April 21, 2021…

It still is possible — perhaps, likely, even — that a settlement will emerge. [So much money is being burned up in legal fees — now approaching $100 million in the last decade alone — and those expenses are a zero sum improvement game. Neither one is going to knock the other out of court, completely. That is, both sides have solid competing claims, in differing geographies.]

As ever, this remains a battle of two immensely entrenched titans, each moving as ponderously as if both were literally carved of stone. It has gone on, in one form or another for 104 years now, since the end of the first World War — 1917. There have been periods of peace, between the two, and multiple decades of them, in fact. But since at least early 2009, this has been a front burner series of lawsuits, dotting many courts around the globe. Will we soon see a global resolution? Who knows — but only around $80 billion in annual revenue on the two companies’ aggregated named products is involved, so finding a lasting comprehensive peace. . . involves very deeply rooted compromises. In any event, here’s the latest:

. . .As discussed during the March 5, 2021 telephone status conference, the next telephone conference in this matter will take place on April 21, 2021, at 12:00 p.m.

Counsel will kindly dial 1-888-684-8852 and enter 1456817# to join the call.. So Ordered by Magistrate Judge Michael A. Hammer on 3/5/2021. (Hammer, Michael). . . .

Onward, to a gorgeous Spring morning, where for the moment it is warmer here (at 57 degrees), in the sunshine — than in Music City. Smiling, widely. . . headed to the lake side bike-ride, now.


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