[O/T] We Look Back At A More Joyous Morning, For The Sussexes…

I realize much of tonight’s TV fare sounds like “poor little prince charming, and the rich actress” — but I can attest that even in privilege, those slights and barbs are. . . hurtful. I have no idea what it must be like to have to live with regular death threats against ones’ tiny babies, both the new, and the unborn — as well as ones’ own self.

Hideous. And of course, the Royals now well-know, if the tabloids were to turn on the palace, they, the Royals, will be at an end as an institution, in under five years.

With populist-driven, viral views now in control in the 21st Century narrative arcs, enough “bad stories” about how useless the offices of monarchy are, especially if it leads to waning good will of the real people around the planet. . . and the Royals. . . will be moved out of Buckingham, and forcefully — if need be.

So there is a sense in which all of this is decidedly-dangerous water for the palace, but there is also the hope that the Oprah interview could possibly be the focal point for a change in “the way things are done,” there — for the better.

Okay — smiling, at a new week coming, warm and smooth — into a Spring (literal and metaphorical), even as we, collectively begin wading out of the remaining dark nightly vestiges of. . . racism.


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