Tangerine’s Prior, Impotent Attacks — On Federal Funding Of/For Sanctuary Cities… Have All Died.

Finally, we the good people of most of the larger cities of this nation — ones with “Welcoming Ordinances” — may breathe easy once more. As we often wrote, there was no scenario Tangerine’s attempts were lawful, but good to have put it to rest, permanently.

Here’s the summary of the outcome of the Thursday motion per SCOTUSBlog.com, now so ordered by the Clerk of the Supremes:

. . .The DOJ and the challengers on Thursday asked Scott Harris, the clerk of the court, to dismiss the case. The request came under Supreme Court Rule 46.1, which instructs the clerk to dismiss a case – without needing the justices’ permission – when all sides agree. Harris quickly granted the requests. . . .

Onward — grinning at these very fine. . . new days. . . ahead.


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