We Must Address Rising Ocean Levels — Due To Climate Change…

. . .And, we must accept that the magnetic poles are shifting (as we previously explained here in May of 2020), as well as growing weaker — weaker than they’ve been in over 1,200 years.

There is credible geological record evidence that the last magnetic pole reversal coincided with the extinction of the Neanderthals.

As every person with a TV tonight now knows, a vast sheet of the Antarctic shelf, larger than Manhattan, split free this morning.

If we do not start immediately to take far more aggressive actions. . . we are likely to hand our children, and certainly their children, a world nearly uninhabitable — or at least unintelligible — compared to the one we were handed by our parents. We must act — and act now.


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  1. Hey you — at 7:56 am, once appearing… grinning… stay dry and safe. Will later redact….

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