Who Cares What A Pumpkin-Faced Insurrectionist, And Former Pretender To Office Thinks? I Certainly Don’t.

YAWN. If it wasn’t clear enough, he’s just a bitter, deranged private citizen, a 74 year old retiree — without even a Twitter feed. And that’s before he gets… indicted in New York, in a few months. So. No. I. Don’t. Care.
But the CPAC website is down. Crashed. Hilarious — and so sublimely… appropriate.

The NYT is covering it (since it cannot be seen live) — but me? I’ll ignore him. If he is the GOP candidate by 2023, I’ll dain to look in again. But assuming he’s not in jail by then — he is irrelevant, until that time.

The Biden/Harris administration is repairing real America, day by day. That’s the story. That, and the protection of our most vulnerable charges. Onward.


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