Obamacare | Bidencare 2.0… Finally… Cometh.

It has truly been. . . “a long time, a’comin’ — but a change is gonna’ do us good.”

When it passed in 2010, the idea was to refresh and improve parts of it every few years — but get the first part done. None of us expected it would take eleven years to get to the first real improvement package (there have been several weakening measures, but it has survived in the courts pretty much intact). So, yet and still — here we are.

Here is The New York Times, on the exciting possibilities now finally unfolding, to make America a more just place, in the delivery of health care — in favor of her less fortunate citizens:

. . .Tucked inside the stimulus bill that the House passed early on Saturday are a series of provisions to make the private plans more affordable, at least in the short term.

The legislation, largely modeled after a bill passed in the House last year, would make upper-middle-income Americans newly eligible for financial help to buy plans on the Obamacare marketplaces, and would increase the subsidies already going to lower-income enrollees. The changes would last two years, cover 1.3 million more Americans and cost about $34 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

For certain Americans, the difference in premium prices would be substantial: The Congressional Budget Office estimates that a 64-year-old earning $58,000 would see monthly payments decline from $1,075 under current law to $412 with the new subsidies. . . .

The stimulus package. . . increase[s] financial incentives for states to join the program. Though Democrats are offering holdout states larger payments than they’ve contemplated in the past, it’s unclear whether it will be enough to lure state governments that have already left billions on the table. Under current law, the federal government covers 90 percent of new enrollees’ costs. . . .

We shall see — but in the middle south (per our old throwback graphics!) and southern states (think TN, AR, AL and MS), where the local fisc is already gutted by COVID-19 related costs, this may be one piece of pie that is just to tempting to leave on the table. Indeed — here over a decade later, we will have a more just delivery system for health care. We will. Onward, smiling. . . .


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