More Detail, On The Contours Of The R&D Pipeline Merck Is Buying, From This Week’s Pandion Acquisiton: Stock For Cash…

I meant to get to this Thursday evening, but the for pay gigs got the best of me. In truth I was being. . . lazy.

So, here on a sunny warm quiet Saturday morning, over coffee, bananas and cherry yogurt, we will link to a fine BioSpace article put out in the intervening three days, on it all (saving me the effort of hand-writing my own!):

. . .Pandion is advancing a pipeline of precision immune modulators targeting critical immune control nodes. The company’s lead candidate, PT101, is an engineered IL-2 mutein fused to a protein backbone designed to selectively activate and expand regulatory T cells (Tregs) for the potential treatment of ulcerative colitis and other autoimmune diseases.

Tregs act as a control node within the immune system and can inhibit the activity of several different pro-inflammatory immune cell types. Defects in Tregs are associated with many autoimmune diseases. Research suggests that expansion of Tregs by low-dose IL-2 can benefit patients with autoimmune diseases. . . .

The company also has done impressive work in PD-1 agonists, an area in which Merck has a decade long track record of multi-billion dollar per year successes. So, the whole deal is a very nice fit, to the immuno suite at Kenilworth.

Onward, now smiling. . . for a mountain bike ride by the sunshine dappled lake path. . . .


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