Cy Vance Is Apparently ALSO Looking Very Closely At Steve Bannon; He Has Clearly Hurt His Own Chances By Accepting Trump’s Late Arriving Pardon.

Several others — both smarter, and paying more attention to Steve Bannon, than I am — have mentioned this, and in greater detail. Do read this one, as the best of the lot.

It seems Bannon’s lawyer (so far) has failed to get the federal indictments dismissed, by pointing to Tangerine’s egregious pardon, without filing it, or having Bannon officially accept it, on the record in court. [See AUSAs’ filing.]

This is because with the acceptance of a pardon comes an admission of guilt, and it makes him eligible (and compelled) to testify against his co-conspirators in the federal matters (thus far un-named, and unindicted).

But in order to end the federal matter, his admission of guilt will open him to state level charges in New York and anywhere else that his faux charity stole money from donors to a “build the wall” scam, only to spend it on lavish private jet rides, and high administrative overhead salaries and perks.

I should also note that the state level New York jails are much less cushy than the club fed minimum security facilities, under the fedral BoP, had he simply agreed to accept responsibility for the federal crimes.

Karma is funny, that way — but I’ll likely not mention him again — as he really is a bit player, now. Just know that one day in the late summer, when you read a New York state level indictment charging ten year felonies has been unsealed against one Steve Bannon — he has only himself, and Baby T to blame for that state of affairs. Maybe he and T will ultimately get the sent to the same New York state medium security facility, upstate. To do at least ten each.

Who else, though? Who, indeed?!

That’s my smile for the morning. Onward.


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