An Encouraging Status Update, In San Diego — Ms. L. Federal Class Action: February 24, 2021

Just about everything (at least in the way of tone, and tenor of discussions) has changed in the litigations underway in California. With the federal government being directed by Mr. Biden to scrupulously honor our lawful obligations, as the same relate to people lacking papers, suddenly there is interest in resolving all disagreements. See below, which is (of course) greatly gratifying news — but it comes decidedly too late, for the dozens and dozens. . . already dead. And for the high hundreds who are gravely ill, with COVID-19, and other maladies — already, now.

Still, we laud the progress that elections bring. Here is the latest 15 page status update (PDF file) — and a bit:

. . .On February 8, 2021, the Court ordered the parties to provide the Court with their positions “on how the President’s February 2, 2021 ‘Executive Order on the Establishment of Interagency Task Force on the Reunification of Families’ affects this case.” ECF No. 573. Defendants believe that the work of the Task Force will resolve many — if not all — outstanding issues in this litigation, and Defendants look forward to working with Plaintiffs with that goal in mind.

On February 22, 2021, the parties held a call to discuss the issue of reunifications and the work of the Task Force. Defendants explained to Plaintiffs that the Task Force is actively meeting and intends to consult with Plaintiffs and other stakeholders who have been involved in the reunification process. A call between the task force and Plaintiffs’ counsel was subsequently held on February 23, and Defendants will work with Plaintiffs’ counsel to arrange additional discussions going forward as appropriate. The Task Force intends to use these discussions to develop more comprehensive plans regarding how it will move forward. Accordingly, Defendants ask the Court to allow them to file a further update on the work of the Task Force and its likely effect on this litigation on or before March 10, 2021. Plaintiffs have stated that they are in agreement with this proposal for moving forward on this issue. . . .

Onward, onto a Wednesday night call on Zoom with my grown kids and their SOs, spread around the northern hemisphere, now. Grin. . . .


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