I Had Hoped For Better, From This Inexperienced Young Judge. But He Was A Recent Trump Appointee… And, In Texas, Afterall…

This TRO is very near to the most egregiously wrong decision — on well-settled black letter law. . . as I’ve ever seen.

Soon enough, it will be set aside by the Fifth Circuit, if Tipton doesn’t in fact over-rule himself, when the injunction hearing occurs in a few days’ time. I may have more — but I may not. It is. . . so devoid of any cogent references to, or explanations of actual FEDERAL immigration law precedents, as to be. . . jaw slacking — and yet, it finds a 14 day nationwide TRO should issue, effectively giving Texas a veto right over federal law enforcement — one California was never even offered, by Donald Trump and Kenny Cuccinelli.

Over FEDERAL laws?! Herein, madness very soon lies:

. . .Finally, the Court ORDERS the parties to propose a briefing schedule no later than Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. with respect Texas’s Request for Preliminary Injunction in its Complaint. The parties should also address whether expedited discovery is necessary and the contours and scheduling for same. . . .

Were I a betting man, I’d guess this young judge actually wants to be over-ruled, on the law — as a badge of honor, when next he sees the Ex-President. And over-ruled, he will. . . certainly be. Onward — we will prevail, without serious doubt, here.


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