Mr. Biden’s “100 Day Deportation Halt Order” Has Likely Saved The Life of Alex Francois. This Sunday… Is For… Humanity, Here.

On Friday, the Wise Latina Justice (who administered the oath of office — to the first woman Veep on a clear, cold Wednesday morning, last) logged an eloquent, clearly correct on the law dissent, to a Supremes’ denial of review. The denial would ordinarily mean (under Baby-T) that Mr. Francois (who has lived here, and worked here, and paid his taxes here — and raised his family here, for nearly a half century) would die shortly, “caged in a sweltering crawlspace” — in some dank prison inside Haiti.

But it is a new day. And I write to thank Justice Sotomayor, even while I rejoice that where we live now — this America, is. . . Will Shakespeare’s “undiscovered country” — the future, now unfolding. We are living in an unfinished nation, as Amanda Gorman so eloquently reminds us, at right. But it is not as “broken” — as some of us might claim. We see the kindnesses from people of high and low station, nationwide, every day. And Mr. Francois will have his claims heard now — and he will be on an eight year path to full citizenship, likely by late Summer 2021.

To be certain, I am saddened by the likely thousands of asylum seekers and undocumented people Trump and Stephen Miller likely sentenced to similar deaths, by ignoring our long established laws and treaties. But now, that day has ended — for good. We must laud progress, as it is made. Here is the business end, of that fine Friday dissent:

. . .Alex Francois is a 61-year-old Haitian national who came to the United States unlawfully when he was 19 and has lived here ever since. . . .

Francois came to the United States in 1979 to reunite with his father, a Haitian exile who became an American citizen. Francois spent much of his life in New York City, where he worked in construction and raised a family, including six children. Two of his children went on to serve in the U. S. Army, including one who deployed to Afghanistan. . . .

For now, all he asks is the small grace, to which he is legally entitled, of being allowed to remain in the country while he pursues his substantial claims for relief. Because I would grant him that opportunity, I dissent. . . .

So. . . be like Amanda. Be like Justice Sotomayor. Be like. . . Sweet Will, and head out — with a smile — into that “undiscovered country” — that unfinished one, still unfolding. Go, help build it. Go.


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