[U] A Truly Trivial Tangent: I Saw Some Odd Rumblings — On Twitter. Likely Nothing; But He’s A Pure… Crook. So, Who Knows?

UPDATED: After 1 AM EST on the 20th, the list of 78 names was posted on the official White House website. Mr. Shkreli’s name does not appear on the list, but Steve Bannon’s does. Bannon (according to a felony indictment) stole at least $500,000 from a charity that Trump donors supported to build the wall, diverting it to his own personal expenses. I suppose there could be another bolus of names, before noon, but that seems unlikely. End update.

I won’t spend a whole lot of pixels on this one, either. . . as things always get crazy when a crime family feels the walls closing in. And these next 24 hours certainly. . . qualify in that department.

But I did see some stuff on Twitter overnight, to the effect that at least some people close to Martin seem to believe he’s on the list of 100 to 150 people who will either see outright pardons, or see their sentences commuted, from the Grifter-in-Chief.

Color me skeptical, as I don’t think Martin has the kind of money it would take — as a straight up bribe — to make the list. And you may be certain the Trumpian Crime FamilyTM is effectively selling these commutations.

Just watch as Lil’ Wayne gets one, later this evening. It is a bought deal.

Even so — as I say — Martin probably is not among the 150 or so highest bidders for one. Not for lack of trying, but because there are so many ahead of him, with so much more to offer the crime family, in favors, access, or cash — outright. [OTOH, If he makes the list, he’ll be a free man before Friday — staying at his sister’s home — most likely. But he’ll still have the FTC antitrust litigation to contend with, and that could lead to a separate felony indictment, eventually — so he might go back inside, as making this list cannot lawfully cover any future criminal indictments.]

But now you know — with even all the rumors, unfit to print available right, right here. Read all about it?!

So nah, I’ll just. . . pixelate them. Grinning, here — with Tangerine Mussolini gone in about 24 elapsed hours now. . . .


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