With Just 11 Days Left, At Most — The World Is Changing — And Swiftly Too, Already…

I’ll likely not post on each incremental change, as they will come in waves now, likely in far less than 24-hour increments. The top line will remain that Baby T has at most eleven days left. Ivanka has told her staff the whole family (dad included) will leave the White House by the 19th, never to return (with Mar-A-Lago, as the reported destination). So perhaps ten.

Baby T will have to use the communication means 44 prior office-holders used, henceforth — as all his social accounts are permanently suspended, citing credible ongoing threats of inciting insurrection and sedition. He may open a Parler account, where concentrated far right hate holds sway at the moment — but he isn’t there yet. And both Google and Apple are in the throes of demanding more responsible policies of moderation against lawless activity there, in order to keep that app / download available in their online stores.

I do not think a self pardon will achieve anything (other than an additional count, in the eventual indictments) — and I am convinced Pence will not pardon Baby-T, if he indeed takes the seat for a few days, at the end (by whatever means).

That’s the chaos. And to be sure, Baby-T could do more damage in these last ten days. But the bright side of all of this is that Biden/Harris will repeal the pernicious Muslim banning / immigration orders, and likely the unconstitutional TikTok / WeChat orders, and those environmental protection gutting orders, and the EEOC anti-diversity orders, and the “required” America first mis-education orders. . . and on and on, in his first few days.

Also grin inducing are the reports that Sen. Murkowski (R., Alaska) may shortly switch parties, to become a Democrat — if Baby T doesn’t resign. That would make it 51-49, in the Senate.

So there is much to be hopeful for.

I for one, will choose… just that — hope, and cogent strategies, for real change. Kinda’ like a couple, and a guy I knew — in 2008. Smile.


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